"May the truth be always hurtful, that only the brave ones can handle it."
— DA Paloma Metaphor Papagayo
  1. Camera: Canon EOS 5D Mark II
  2. Aperture: f/4
  3. Exposure: 1/125th
  4. Focal Length: 24mm


Whether your goal is to top or pass the Licensure Examination for Teachers this August 2014, keep calm and do it correctly. Avoid common mistakes and save time.

1. Pray.
When you pray, pray at once and believe it. Find time to talk with God and don’t stop that session until you have complete belief that you will top the LET.

2. Volunteer to pray on the Big Day.
Every LET starts with a prayer and the proctor asks for someone who wants to —-by stepping up, you’re taking charge of the whole day which hints you - it’s a good start.

3. Smile at your proctor.
Greet her good morning. C’mon not only the proctor but give your smile to everyone not only during LET day.

4. It is prerequisite to visit your school of examination.
If you haven’t done so, I have good news, you still have time. Check whether the school has 2 buildings. I have a friend who went to MLQU college building with me , only to find out she was in HS bldg which was a ride away. You don’t want that on a 5:45am on a Sunday and that Sunday happens to be your LET day.

5. Stay near your scheduled school.
If coming from a province without local exams, rent a hotel. What is a small chunk of money compared to comfortability and consider waking very very early to make that 6 am call time. You wouldn’t want to add traffic on your stress. Don’t you?

6. Eat your breakfast.
Eat your breakfast on a normal day and why would LET be an exemption? You need to eat on this day even if you can’t chew the food, you can’t sip your milk or coffee. You need it! Trust me! We have physiological needs and I bet you’ve favorited Maslow’s during your review.

7. Don’t bring excess baggage.
Bring only the important stuff needed during the day.

8. Breathe. Smile.
Some things may go wrong, some plans may not push, some questions may be a total out of the blue. Like,”Is this a question intended for aliens?” Whether it’s a question, your proctor or your pencil you forgot to sharpen. Smile. Breathe.

9. Bring lots of sweets
LET day is a very stressful day no matter how optimistic you are. Sweets can make you upbeat and give you more energy.

10. Bring aspirin and loperamide.
It’s crazy I know but sometimes too much anxiety may cause you headache or a bad tempered stomach.

11. Double check things to bring before you leave the house.
Especially forms and envelopes.

12. GenEd has relatively shorter time.
For GenEd, time is generally shorter so if your strategy in topping the LET is writing the answer on the side of the questionnaire, you can modify this strategy, only for GEnEd, and directly shade the answer sheet.

13. Dont stress too much on Math q’s.
Okay, enough emphasis on Math, in general, don’t put too much time on any question.

14. In Prof Ed, some choices may seem similar, choose the best one.
Since this have more time and more tricky questions, you can employ the strategy here of writing answers on the side and finalize after 10-15 questions or when you think you have enough deviation to decide.

15. Especialization.
You’ve mastered this all your college days, years and perhaps it was totally engraved in your blood. Just trust your learnings, and believe me, you major will pull your ratings higher!

16. Answer, and move on.
It’s like “carpe diem”, seize the day, whatever question is present in front of you, tackle that and leave the monster on your past q’s. Focus on what is at hand.

17. The first choice you made is the right one.In the book Blink by Malcolm Gladwell, The Power of Thinking Without Thinking, the adaptive unconscious make decisions in the blink of an eye. As Malcolm put it, spontaneous decisions are often as good as—or even better than—carefully planned and considered ones.

18. Check if all answer on your questionnaire matches your answer sheet.

19. Beware of careless tendencies.
Such as skipping a number ruining (wrong-ing) the rest of the answers.

20. See yourself surpassing LET.
LET is only a means not an end, see yourself pass through it to reduce the anxiety.

21. Believe.
Trust that you’ll top the LET, it will be.

22. Meet up with your closest or most inspiring friend before the day of the examination.
My burning desire to the top the LET was sparked by my friend George who happened to be my professor in college. He first believed in me and true enough on a Saturday before the LET Day, it wasn’t a hassle for this friend to sit through coffee with me and inspire me. He lighted the embers once again and didn’t left me until I have complete belief that I will top the LET!

23.Let it go, let it go, let it go.
Drop all books, periodicals, cheat sheets, notes, everything NOW! Let everything sink in and don’t review anymore. Time is up!
Okay I’ll admit:

I brought a book during the LET day, being the bookworm I am, I can’t leave home without a book on my bag.

The only book I brought with me is TEACHER FACTOR by George D. Paguio. and I stared at his personal message for me written inside the book before I slept, entered the room and conquered the exam!

24. Reflect.
What is yor purpose in taking this exam? Hold on to that purpose.

25. Treat yourself after the LET.
Trip to Bali? Watching a movie? Or as small as buying your favorite ice cream, as long as it feels like treating yourself and making up for all the things deprived on your LET journey, do it, eat it!

26. No Ctrl + Z.
Perhaps you will experience more anxiety while waiting for the result, when you’ve just checked the questions and confirmed some of it were answered incorrectly, nothing can be undone so chill, relax and make yourself productive while waiting.

A summer to remember @reverie02 lika nga dto. Miss you na.